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Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Furnace Filters

The majority of the furnace owners know that they have to change their air filters once every 3 months to ensure they are breathing fresh air. However, many companies including recommends you change your filters every month.

  1. It gets clogged superfast.
    If you think that your filter can last 3 months without getting clogged, you are dead wrong. Think about dryers and filters there. They get clogged very fast, and if you keep in mind that the furnace air filters are dealing with harmful dust and allergens, you definitely want those to be eliminated from your air.
  2. It cuts your bill by 10%.
    Clogged air filters make it harder for the unit to work properly, thus, it has to consume more energy, which is shown on your bills. That number might not be high, but it’s always nice to lower your electricity costs by 10%.
  3. It improves indoor air quality.
    People start thinking about their indoor air quality only when they develop an allergy or asthma. However, changing filters will make it harder for allergens and dust to fly in the air, so you’re investing in your personal health.
  4. It keeps the system working.
    When you have a serviced unit, it works for much longer. It’s crucial to invest in your furnace if you want it to serve you for a while. The majority of the newer models don’t last for 25 years as they used to before, their lifespan is cut in half, so you have to enjoy those 12 years while you can.
  5. It’s a cheap service.
    Inspecting and cleaning the whole unit can cost you hundreds of dollars, but you can easily change the filter yourself. In fact, they are not that expensive, so the whole process won’t even cost you $100. Of course, you could invest in buying one of those more expensive filters with special protection, but those are optional.

As you see, there are many good reasons to change your filter. As sociological data states, people believe that the air indoor is practically pure, especially if you compare it with exhaust fumes outside. But in fact, it’s completely opposite. Chances are, your house also has terrible air quality.

The most common dangers of polluted air are:

  • Cold and flu viruses.
    Viruses are flying in the air when the colder seasons come. Staying in a house with clogged filters is the easiest way to get yourself ill. Many people think that streets can be a source of bacteria and viruses, but the air outside is usually cleaner.
  • Allergens.
    If you have an allergy, you have to know that your running nose and itchy eyes might come from old filters. When you have contaminated air circulating through the systems, you can’t get rid of your symptoms.
  • Mold.
    Did you know that these spores are the most frequent cause of asthma? Right, living in a house with old furnace filters can be bad for your health and really lead to illnesses.

Remember that your health is at stake when you forget to check and change your furnace filters. It’s a simple procedure that will only take you so much time but will give you better health and cleaner air practically immediately.