The Complete Guide to HVAC Cleaning

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The HVAC system includes your heating, ventilation and AC units connected together. As you see, the system works together and each part of it depends on another part, which is why it’s crucial to clean the whole thing. The cleaning process consists of removal of different debris, dust and filth from your system.

Depending on the type of your place, there is commercial and residential cleaning. The commercial HVAC system has more components to it (like rooftop unit of return grilles), which is why you have to pay more attention to it. The brighter side, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning.

You have to inspect your furnace once or twice a year as a homeowner and the ductwork has to be cleaned once in 2-3 years, while commercial systems require cleaning once in 5-7 years. Some services recommend you clean the units only once in 10 years, however, you probably have to inspect those more often.

Of course, there are different special conditions. If you are a pet owner, or you run a grooming place for pets, you will have to hire an HVAC technician every year. That also relates to those who finish remodeling. If you used drywall it’s absolutely necessary to get the furnace and the ducts cleaned, or you might risk your health. The system works with the airflow, which is why it’s so important to invest in its cleanliness.

When your unit gets filthy and the airflow is restricted you face plenty of issues. For example, if your blower doesn’t work right or your furnace filters get worn out, you have to pay more for the electricity and breathe in bad air. If you’re working with other people, as a boss, you have to ensure your employees breathe fresh and uncontaminated air, so they don’t get respiratory problems.

The process of HVAC cleaning varies for different systems. When you have to clean the air ducts, you are working with compressed air and brushes that allow removing debris and dust physically. It’s very hard to clean the ducts yourself if you don’t own special powerful vacuum cleaners.

If you have to inspect and clean the furnace, you have to work with many tools. Air pressure is your best tool for dealing with furnaces, however, different parts have to be cleaned manually. Some models have hard-to-reach spots that require careful work. If you have an AC unit outside, often you will need a garden hose to get rid of debris and other types of contaminants.

If you have to have your commercial unit cleaned, you will need someone to determine the best way on-site. Some HVAC units require physical crawling and brushes or vacuum won’t do much there!

The cost of HVAC or furnace cleaning will vary from a company to a company. Some charge as little as $60, however, the price might reach $500! Usually, if you don’t need special labor or don’t live far away from the town, the prices will remain quite low.

If you want to hire a company, you should consider asking a manager about hidden costs. It would be quite unpleasant to find out that you have to pay more for something minor. So when you see a low price, make sure you’re not getting any hidden rocks as well.